I am so glad you are here! Let me begin by answering the question that has probably popped in your head, “What is The Beauty Project?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

“…to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead a spirit of despair…” (Isaiah 61:3) is the verse that is the heart beat behind The Beauty Project.

I believe in the power of people using their story to bring hope in the midst of pain. I believe that our greatest trials can be transformed into grander testimonies, and our darkest moments can shine the brightest light. As we are in constant pursuit and process, I want to use my story and this blog as a platform to encourage, and most importantly, allow others to see God’s redemptive power at work through any season. Here you will find words and devotionals purposed to find beauty in the midst of the everyday, the mundane, the pain and the extraordinary.

Now, next question, “Who is the random girl behind it?” Glad you asked that too!


My name is Diana Perde and I am a simple Southern California girl livin’ it up as a Jesus follower, people lover, dance party enthusiast, nap advocate, fifth grade teacher, youth leader, social justice advocate and missions director.

Throughout my life, I have walked through some very painful seasons, however, I have also experienced the beauty that has surfaced from the pain and I want to share that with you! I believe God has given me the words to share the Hope found in Him. Through The Beauty Project, I pray that you will be encouraged to press on during the most difficult seasons in your life and allow God to use your story for His glory because only He can truly make beauty from ashes.