Walking on Water


Starting The Beauty Project has been a dream tucked into the forefront of my heart for many years. Now you may think, “it’s just another blog, what’s the big deal?” It took a lot of encouragement, prayer, and courage to start “just another blog.” All the fears behind it surfaced continuously. Yet, I know that God is calling me to use my love for writing and my story for something greater. So here I am, writing with a purpose that I know is bigger than myself coupled with a great desire to share the love of Christ.

Often times I am reminded of Peter and his gravity defying moment. When Jesus commanded him to step out of the boat, Peter walked towards Him on the water. Jesus did the impossible in Peter’s life in that moment. Jesus proved that He defies all the odds and that He can do all that we could never do. And because of his faith, Peter stayed afloat. However, it was also fears that got him sinking. You see, the minute the wind blew, fear swept over him and he began freaking out. Even though Jesus had already proved that He could do the impossible, Peter still doubted. As I have thought and prayed about this endeavor, I’ve had my share of Peter moments. I believe that God will use this blog as a platform of restoration, encouragement, and hope. Yet the minute the wind begins to blow, I find myself sinking deep, doubting, wondering, and asking myself “what am I doing?!”

But in those moments, I hear Jesus saying “I’ve got this!” And I truly believe that He does. Even in moments of uncertainty. Even in moments of fear. He’s got this. We have got to drown out (see what I did there) the doubts lingering in our lives and allow to be used in immeasurable ways because walking on water, even in moments of hesitation, greatly outweighs sitting securely in the boat.

Friends, do not let fear paralyze you and hold you back from stepping into all that God has for you. Do not let fear dictate your future. Rather, jump in. Charge forward trusting the harness of the faith you are anchored so tightly to. Allow the vastness of the ocean and the unending blanket of sky take you into deeper, God-sized things. Experience your Peter moments in all of their fullness and trust that God has you every step of the way. I delight significantly in the undeniable truth that walking forward in faith is far greater than standing still in fear.

With that said, I invite you to join me on this journey as I share my heart for Jesus, desire for restoration, redemption, and beauty in the midst of the mundane, the everyday, and the extraordinary.


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